Saturday, June 07, 2008

PCB Pictures

We got back in last night from a great week down at Panama City Beach.
I'll let the pictures do the talking.
By the way...I got in very little exercise and LOTS of rest.

KJ needed a pit stop on the trip down and I happened to notice this sign posted in the window at the store where we stopped. I hope she didn't stand while she was in there.
I reckon a "No Loitering" sign just wouldn't have been specific enough. LOL!

Nothin like sugar to wash away the boredom of a long car ride.
KJ (right) and cousin R (left).

The beach on the first morning.

K and R posing for the annual "wall" pictures.

RC and Mom came down for a couple of days.


The crew.

The J gang.

K and R outside Target.

K and R at the Treasure Ship.

Capt. Hook


The girls got thier faces painted by the old pirate himself.

Shell hunting at night.

There's just something beautiful about a sailboat.

Outside Pirate's Golf before the skunking begins. Notice the fear in R's face?

Pausing for a picture.

Extreme concentration....

Adding up the final score.

We're done!.....bring on the ice cream!

The girls had thier pictures made at Ripley's.

Bungee jumping/bouncing at the mall.

Checking out the boats at the harbor.

Chillin in the pool.

At Alvin's Island.

The final sunset.

Happy Training!