Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Sitting here reading about Epic Camp, finishing my second cup of java, while it’s raining and 40 deg outside on a Saturday morning, is not a good combination. I suppose I could jump on the trainer…but that might take a couple more cups of coffee to get me jazzed enough for that.
If you’re not familiar with Epic Camp, it’s a multiday training camp put on by Scott Molina, Gordo Byrn, and John Newsom (my coach for IMFL). They do a MASSIVE amount of volume with the “campers” over a span of 8 days…12 in previous years. It’s always fun to follow along through their blog posts and podcasts. The camp starts tomorrow and is taking place in New Zealand.

The bone I was thrown for another trip around the Ironman Florida course this year started to not look so good after a conversation with DJ this week. She isn’t really onboard for another year of being an Iron-widow. She’s cool with it next year, but she’s holding me to my promise to skip a year. I know her well enough to know she’d support me either way, but I’m going to set my ambition aside for now and shine up my cowbell. I’ll be there cheering and registering for 09. Who’s with me?

Happy Training,

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Checking In

2008 has gotten off to a bit of a busy start and I’m a little behind the ball at checking in.

Training is going well. I’ve strung together a few weeks of consistent training, getting in 2-4 sessions per sport per week. Nothing too crazy as far as duration or intensity. I’ve managed to get to the gym also and am just now starting to get over that initial soreness that comes after not lifting for a long time.
I’ve been working on getting my eating habits back out of the gutter too. I’ve cut way back on sodas, bread, sugar, and anything out of the vending machine at work. It’s working. I’ve dropped a couple of those holiday pounds and hope to be back at fighting weight in a month or so.

Other than training and 60 hour work weeks, things are pretty quite on the homefront. I’ve managed to find a little time for some reading…. something I didn’t have much spare time or energy to do most of last year. I’m re-reading A Salty Piece Of Land by Jimmy Buffet. It’s one of my favorite books…especially this time of year when the weather outside is far from tropical. I think Dean's Marathon Man will be next.

Still nothing in the registered column as far as races for 2008. I think I’m just gonna wing it this year and jump into races when I feel like racing. I did come across a site yesterday that got my total attention however. They’re offering training programs (including race registration) for a few 2008 Ironman races. Florida is one of the races. It sure was tempting to jump in and go for it. And don’t tell DJ….but I haven’t totally ruled it out.
Maybe fate will take care of it and they’ll sell all their spots before I pull the trigger. Otherwise, I may be heading back to Panama City in November as more than a spectator.

Happy Training,