Friday, October 17, 2008

Darkness Cometh...Trainer Season

Remember the scene in Ghost when the shadows turned into demons and pulled Willy's soul down to hell? No matter how much he resisted, the darkness still got him. That's kinda how I'm feeling lately. Summer is long gone and the days are getting shorter. No matter how much I resist, the short days of winter are still going to get me and pull me down into trainer hell. In a few weeks, there'll only be maybe 30 or 45 minutes of daylight left after work….which translates into doing most of my rides on the f###ing trainer. By February I'll get nauseous at the thought of doing another trainer ride. But…….at least I'll have weekends for long rides. We rarely get winter weather here that keeps us off the roads, unlike some of my tri brethren to the North. I don't see how yall do it.

Training is still rocking along in maintenance mode, at least for another couple of weeks. I'm still ticking off 3 sessions in each sport per week in the 12 hr range. I'm going to start a run focus period beginning in November and work on getting my volume back up and building some durability into my run, AND... the run focus will help keep me off the d##n trainer. If all goes well, I may do an early season half or full marathon. We'll see.

I've got a couple of gear purchases coming up that I've been considering for a loooong time.
Santa may come a bit early this year. I'll save the details for another post when I have pictures to go along with it.

Also, for the geeks out there who are into the physiological side of things (or trying to learn like me), head over to Alan Couzens’ blog. He knows his stuff and has put up several very informative posts lately. Most of it goes right over my head, but I learn something new every time I go to his blog.

Ironman Florida is just around the corner and I am looking forward to cheering on my fellow bloggers:
Good luck to all of you…..I wish I were racing with you!

Happy Training,