Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Do not be defined by your past, but define your future.

Friday, December 22, 2006

T G I F !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally!!! I never thought Friday would arrive. But it’s finally here!
The week before a vacation always seems to drag on for what seems an eternity.
I’ll be away from work until January 2nd or 3rd. I’m really looking forward to the break….work has been a bit hectic lately.
I’ve purposely planned next week as a recovery week in an effort to keep from shelling myself with monster workouts….which I usually do when I have lots of free time.
I’ve been increasing my volume each week for the last six weeks, so I’m due for a low volume week. Training has been going great and I’d like to start the new year fresh and ready to put in another big block of training.

I started trying to learn bilateral breathing several weeks back and I’ve gotten to the point that I hardly notice breathing on the new side. The first few swims were pretty tough, but it’s gotten easier every swim. It’s also really helped balance out my stroke as well. Who knows, I may even give flip turns a try in the future.

My long ride last Saturday was cut a little short by some mechanical malfunctions two miles from home, so, I’ll be doing a little bike repair during my break as well. Nothing major, just some minor drive train issues. My bike is due for a really good cleaning anyway. I’ll tear it apart, give it a good cleaning, put it back together and tune it up… and hopefully not have any parts left over. I’ll be on my road bike for a ride or two until I get the tri bike cleaned and tuned up.

I think I’m due for a new pair of running shoes also. I’ve got over four hundred miles on my current pair. I always wait too long before buying new shoes. I think Santa may have to stuff a new pair in the bag.

This has been a great year of training and racing. I’ve learned many lessons this year through doing the wrong things and suffering through and recognizing the mistakes…most of the time. I made it through a couple of fairly major (requiring medical attention) injuries and am all healed up for the most part. Hopefully I’ll be able to avoid those same mistakes in 2007.

I’ll wrap up with some totals to close out the year.

2006 Mileage
Swim: 82.2 miles
Bike: 3272 miles
Run: 608.1 miles

Hope everyone out in Blogland has a great Christmas and a happy New Year.


Friday, December 15, 2006


I can’t freakin stop scratching.
My skin gets really dry during the winter months.
Especially my calves!!!
Swimming seems to make it worse.
Lotion helps for about an hour. Then I’m scratching again.
I’m running a humidifier at home and staying well hydrated.
But I’m still scratchin like a dog with fleas.
If anyone out there in blogland has any suggestions on how to cure dry skin, please share the knowledge.


Monday, December 11, 2006

Progress is a MAJOR motivator.

Remember the old A-Team show? Remember how everything would be blowing up and going crazy at the end of the show, yet the guys would somehow manage to save the day and Hannibal would say, through the cigar clinched in his teeth, “I love it when a plan comes together”. Well, that’s kind of how I feel…minus the cigar.

I’ve executed my off-season/base plan to the letter (who knew a plan could be so helpful?!?!...) and I’m beginning to see the payoff from my diligence. It’s amazing how motivating progress can be. Not as in motivation to do more or go faster (been there done that), but to stay on track and keep the progress going so that I’ll be ready to do more and go faster when the time is right.

I’ll be moving into the next phase of my base training soon. I feel totally prepared to move on to the next phase and build on the progress I’ve made thus far.
I love it when a plan comes together!


Friday, December 01, 2006


I’ve taken my break (a couple months ago), eased back into things for a few weeks and have gotten back to my basic week. I’ve been back doing all three disciplines three times per week for about a month. I’ve stayed focused on keeping the intensity down and have stayed under my maximum aerobic heart rate cap during EVERY session. I’ve missed one workout (a short weekday ride) during the last month. I’ve been very consistent with my training. I’ve focused on good nutrition, even during Thanksgiving, and have actually dropped a couple of pounds. Right about now is where I usually %$#@ things up. I’m beginning to feel fit again and am VERY tempted to do some BIG workouts, just for the fun of it…a very long ride, a race simulation, an all out time trial, or some other totally unneeded workout. These workouts are useful…at the right time of the year…but this isn’t it. Last year, I was feeling the same and did a half Ironman race sim on Christmas Eve…in cold rainy conditions. A few weeks later I was sick and missed several workouts. That one big day of training probably set me back at least three weeks.

So, along with continuing the low heart rate / low intensity training and keeping an eye on my nutrition, my focus during the next several weeks will be on not doing anything out of the ordinary. Just keep pluggin away at my normal sessions and stay consistent. The only thing I'll possibly add will be a couple more strength sessions.

I’ve come to believe that progress in this sport (especially for someone like me with a limited athletic background) is not achieved by doing monster workouts. It’s best achieved through showing up every day for every workout, week after week, month after month….and then pushing things a bit at the correct times of the year.
But it sure is fun to do the monster workouts!

Maybe I’ll clean out the attic or some other domestic activity while I’m off work during Christmas instead of hammering myself on the road or in the pool.

I’d like to hear if there are others out there who struggle to keep things moderate during their base phase.